Hello darlings! I'm Kaitlin. I'm an artist, illustrator, gallery owner, and world conqueror!



Why “Stunningly Strange”?  Because beauty is always beautiful and I like to be a little bit different!  Be bold or go home! 

I believe that art has the power to spread joy!  I want people to surround themselves with art that uplifts their spirits, reminds them to giggle, and encourages them to be bold in all that they do.

We should all live art infused lives.  From the art that hangs on our walls, to the rugs under our feet, I believe everyone should make thoughtful and artful choices in the things they surround themselves with.  For me even my shower curtains are an artful statement of the playful vibrancy I want in my life.

Creating playful characters and illustrations for children (and the young at heart) is what I love to do! I am endlessly surprised and inspired by the odd little stories and weird character traits that make people unique individuals.  I strive to add those perfect little stories and funny details to all of my artwork.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • I AM AN OWLOHALIC. The collection continually grows whether it be figures on the mantel or a new drawing.  If its a cute owl... its got to be mine!
  • I MANAGED TO GET A BFA AND MFA WITHOUT EVER LEARNING HOW TO DRAW OR PAINT!  My BFA was in photography and my MFA was in Photography and Sculpture so while I was taught all the fundamental elements of creating art it wasn’t until I left school that I started teaching myself how to embroider, paint, draw and create without hesitation!
  • PHOTOSHOP AFICIONADO!  Due to my degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Seattle I have had countless courses dedicated to working in Photoshop which definitely paid off now that I edit, manipulate and enhance my pen drawings in the lovely adobe products! 
  • SLEEP IS BORING.  I hate laying in bed doing nothing when there are so many other things to be done and people to meet!

  • I LOVE WATCHING TV, but I have to simultaneously be playing on the computer or drawing or I get seriously bored.
  • I'M A PEN ADDICT!  I love my ever growing collection of pens.  The color ranges, nib sizes, mixed media potentials and so much more make pens my absolute favorite art supplies!  If my husband allowed me to, I would spend all our money on pens. 
  • I'M IN LOVE WITH ICE CREAM. We have an intense relationship. Don't ask... It's complicated. 
  • LIVING THE DREAM in the Great Pacific Northwest with my loving and patient husband.